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Julian Christian

Julian is multi talented and is currently acting when he isn't helping children or playing with his dogs. 


Click below to read my latest interview with him or scroll down to read my first!


Interview on my Blog 4/2013


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Interview from 2010: I met Julian through Facebook. It is so difficult finding a hot guy with a shirt on!  


My son Nicholas worked on my Desperado cover and created the Queen of Hearts card to tuck into his pocket.


Read my interview with Julian below.


Book Cover: Desperado 


Character: James Reese


Name: Julian Fantechi


Where do you live? San Diego California


Hair Color? Black hair


Eye Color? Hazel eyes


Height? 5'11"


How much do you work out? I work with weights about 4 times a week and do some sort of outdoor activity the other 2 days then rest the last day of the week


Are you ticklish? A little ticklish


Do you have any pets? I have a dog


Favorite Author? I like Michael Crichton as well as the classics, and the Transcendentalists Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, and of course Lynn Hubbard :)


Favorite Book? The Bible, second favorite, 1984 George Orwell.


Contact info?  I can be reached through or visit my face book fan page.

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