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A Christmas Crossing

Thrust into a war she did not choose, Sarah Fanum yearns for simpler times. Times when all she had to worry about were bad crops or bad weather. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Set in 1776, my short story, A Christmas Crossing describes the night that changed the course of the Revolutionary War. It is not your typical Christmas story, but one that has affected every fabric of our lives as an American.

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Cheryl Malandrinos

Sarah Fanum is thrust into the middle of the Revolutionary War. Having lost both her parents, she ends up volunteering for the Continental Army. More tragedy awaits her, but perhaps it will also lead to a new future.This is a moving story of one woman's journey to find where she belongs after her life is turned upside down. Lynn Hubbard's attention to historical detail is outstanding. This short story also includes historical photos and maps... 

Wanda Hart

This was a very nice unexpected read. I picked it up to read the other night because I was looking for a fast read. I never planned on reading it quite this fast. I expected a feel good Christmas story but instead found a story about a time gone by when Christmas was not ruled by Jolly Coca-Cola Santas and where family still meant everything.

Anjanette Barr

A quick read to inspire gratitude during this season for all that we are blessed with in this period of our history. This story is full of poignant loss and the struggle to find hope and motivation to press on in the light of it. The picture painted of the civil war was captivating and easy to immerse myself in. Well done overall.

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