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Reader’s Comments:

This story was one of the best I have ever read. I laughed, cried, was stunned and in disbelief. After reading I actually spent a little time reflecting over this masterpiece that I have just finished reading. My heart soared for the love found and then it broke for the love lost. The price that these characters paid was steep but the rewards was much greater. Such an array of characters I deeply felt each ones pain ,sorrow, and happiness. Truly a great work of historical romance art. You would do yourself a disservice if you don't read this wonderfully written collection.


I really enjoy the strength of Sabrina and how she dealt with each struggle without the normal whining that so many authors use to portray women. Brock was the perfect counterpoint to Sabrina. Strong in character but with a tenderness that was at times amazing. I loved both of the books in this so much, that I went to find more from these authors.


A definite hit for me!!Loved both books. I laughed and cried. I loved the brothers. Every girl would wish for a man like Brock or chase. I thought these book were so good I'm going to read them again. Best I've read in as long time.I hated to have the story end. There was love, adventure and death. Some were of the very people you hoped would go on to happily ever after.


A very good read.This was a great two books. I laughed in some parts, and cried in some. A book that sends your heart into a lot of different emotions. I wish that the epilogue could have been longer or another book with the families written. Maybe with Riley, or Thomas finding another love. Thanks for great reading!!!


Great read. Stayed up all night to finish the first book. Then just had to stay up the next night to read the second.This was a very enjoyable read and the author did a wonderful job of creating a very realistic setting to draw the reader in from the very beginning. It was a wonderful tale of how people found love even though the harshness of the wild west made it all the more difficult. Just made the rewards that much sweeter. Highly recommend.


Unconventional characters, girl posing as guy premise, but with a stalker twist that gave it a little edge. Characters were well developed and she wasn't afraid to kill people.

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