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PTSD-No Apologies is a powerful anthology of personal stories and poems. Many of the stories were written by those whose lives have been affected by PTSD. Collectively, they demonstrate what happens when an individual has been exposed to horrifying situations that stick in the memory...refuse to leave...and are constantly relived again and again. The affect on every day lives for those veterans who have been afflicted by PTSD are devastating, long lasting, and extremely disabling. Medicine needs to work tirelessly to discover more effective methods that will give caregivers more tools to properly treat this disease so that those who suffer from it will be able to regain their ability to function and move on with their lives. ~George F. Woodruff

I hear gun shots. This is what one veteran shared with me. And wanted me to share with you. Words are powerful things, they can hurt or they can heal. This is a collection of personal stories written to help spread awareness. To let everyone know that PTSD is real. And that there is an epidemic being overlooked. Our soldiers deserve better. And we are their voice. PTSD-No Apologies. Proceeds from this book, will be used to distribute Print Copies to Veteran’s Hospitals around the United States. You can also Donate a book to a Vet by visiting our website.

PTSD No Apologies-Paperback

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